Interviews And Stories By And About Denmark Residents

History of Perley Mills by Arthur Rankin

Arthur Rankin lived and worked in the area of Perley Mills his whole life. He operated a sawmill and worked in construction and property maintenance.

History of Pingree Home by Alvina Richardson Kenison

Jesse and Alvina Kenison purchased the Pingree home on South Road. In its attic they found original deeds and documents, from which this history of the home’s first owners was written.

Information About Denmark Residents

A Conversation With Alice Colby-Hall

Alice is the daughter of Fred and Angie Colby whose home was on Bull Ring Road. She attended Denmark High School, transferred to Bridgton Academy and then began her college studies at Colby College, Middlebury College and Columbia University. Alice began a forty-plus years teaching the French language and Medieval Studies at Cornell University.

Arthur Lowell Deering’s Papers

Arthur Lowell Deering, 1888-1965, grew up on Hio Ridge Road in Denmark. A graduate of Bridgton Academy he received his B.S. degree in agriculture from the University of Maine in 1912 and his Doctor of Agricultural Science in 1934. He was employed by the University of Maine in 1912 as one of the state’s and nation’s first county agricultural agents. He served as Dean of the College of Agriculture, Director of the Maine Extension Service, and Director of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. He retired in 1957. Deering Hall on the university’s Orono campus was named for him shortly after his retirement.

Descendants of Daniel Lowell by Daniel Eaton

The Lowell Cemetery Notes by Daniel Eaton

The Lowell family lived on Hio Ridge Road in Denmark, Maine for many years. Daniel Eaton has created these reports of the known information about the family. If the person is highlighted in yellow, they are buried in the Lowell Cemetery in Denmark, Maine.

Winnie Moore StoryCommons Interview

Winnie Moore Interview

Winifred Richardson Moore was raised and lived in Denmark much of her life. Winnie attended Denmark schools. She earned a 5-year diploma nursing degree and worked as a nurse at Bridgton Hospital her entire work career, retiring as the supervisor of nursing. Winnie was social person. She was a member of many local organizations. She held a special interest in local history. Winnie is a charter member of the historical society.

Carroll Fenton Wales (1918-2007)

Carroll F. Wales Papers At Archives Of American Art At The Smithsonian Museum

Carroll F. Wales 9-year efforts to uncover, clean, restore and conserve the frescoes in Kariye Camii (originally The Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, and now the Kariye Museum), in Istanbul,Turkey

Carroll F. Wales Conservation Work In Istanbul,Turkey

Recipes of Denmark Residents

Bea Stacy’s Super-Secret Whoopie Pie Recipe

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