Denmark’s Population

Source: U. S. Decennial Census
Created 2019

Birch Cove Fund

The members of the board of directors of Denmark Historical Society wish to thank the Birch Cove Fund and Maine Community Foundation for its continued support of the projects to protect the contents of the archives.

Recently the society was awarded a grant of $5000.00 to continue its work.

The society has been fortunate to receive past grants which have enabled the society to digitize most of the collection and purchase supplies to protect individual items.

Nestlé Waters North America Gift

Thank you to Nestlé for the recent gift of $2,000.00 to further the work of the historical society. The gift will help us to continue to collect, protect and share the history of Denmark with the community.

Annual Letter To The Community

The previous twelve months have been very busy and productive for the Denmark Historical Society, thanks to the hard work of the members, board members, volunteers, and generous sponsors.

The major process of digitizing the paper records held in the collection has been completed.   The digitization effort was funded with a generous grant from The Birch Cove Foundation.

The holdings continue to grow through donations and purchases with funds from the acquisition fund.  Much effort is being made to organize and protect items in the archives, including film and slides.  A horse drawn sleigh, donated by Fritz Von Ulmer and Brian Grennan, is currently under repair by Dan Eaton of the smallboat shop.

Over the summer, the cemetery committee met several times to document and verify the burial records of the cemeteries, starting with the Hilton cemetery.  The work is ongoing.

New purchases of computers and audio-visual equipment were made possible through donations from the Highland Street Foundation.  Purchasing decisions and installation were greatly assisted by Charles Linden, who went above and beyond the call of duty.  The television and sound system were installed in the meeting room of the library. The equipment will be made available to other non-profits.

The Society invited Kevin Gardner, a well-known author and wall builder, to talk about stone walls.  The event was held at the Denmark Arts Center, was open to the general public, and was very well received.  The audience was fascinated to listen to Kevin talk as he built a miniature stone wall. 

In an effort to offer a variety of programming and build community with our fellow non-profit organizations, the Society is actively teaming with the Library and the Arts Center in developing a series of talks by authors.

We continue to reach out to a wide range of sources for funding grants for the various activities of the Society.

Many thanks to our members, as well as the following individuals and organizations, which, through their financial support, make our activities possible:

Birch Cove Foundation  Highland Street Foundation

The Town of Denmark

Denmark Lions Club                            Ace Insurance Agency                       

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. 

MacDonald Motors                            smallboat shop                                   

Granger Pond Camping Area           

R.H. LeGoff Excavation Co.               Denmark Minuteman Press 

Wyonegonic Camps

D.H.S. friends and anonymous

 Respectfully submitted by the Board of Directors,

Terry Rhoads, Lee Ann Shand, Daniel Eaton, Daryl Kenison, Patricia Largey, Astrea Fatica, Clare McKeagney, Mari Hook, and JoAnne Harbourt

We Have A New Safe!!!

Recently the historical society was gifted with a safe from Nestlé Waters North America. We are now able to store delicate, fragile items, along with digital storage of our collection.

The historical society thanks Terry Rhoads, for spending a day moving the safe to its new home. Thank you to C. M. Nichols Landscaping – Chris and Mark and their equipment loaded the safe from its former home into the truck that transported the safe to Denmark. Joe Wist’s tractor was used to unload the safe from the truck and moved to the library’s entrance. Nick Rehmert and Stephen Glasgow assisted Terry for the day with moving the safe to the library and its new home in the archive. Thank you to Nestlé Waters North America for this wonderful gift which will protect valuable items for the historical society.

Nick, Terry & Stephen

We thank Denmark Public Library for allowing the safe to be located in the book sale area.

Nestlé Waters North America Gifts To The Historical Society

In the past year Nestlé, known locally as Poland Spring Water, has gifted the Denmark Historical Society with used office equipment. We are now able to store items in our collection in file cabinets, shelves, desk and chair. And a safe to protect valuables.

We are now in the process of reorganizing the archives with the file cabinets. We have a desk for our new computer system. With the safe the historical society is able to store its film, portable drives holding thousands of images and other fragile items. With the file cabinets allows the archive to expand its storage capabilities and to have safer storage solution.

Many thanks to Nestlé Waters North America for the continued support to the historical society.

Highland Street Grant

The board of directors of Denmark Historical Society are pleased to announce that the historical society has been awarded a grant from the Highland Street Foundation and David McGrath to further its goals of data collection, digitization and outreach.

Board members are excited to be able to continue its work to collect, protect and share the history of Denmark with the community.

Television in its new location in the meeting room of Denmark Public Library

With the funds the historical society purchased a computer, printer, scanner, a 50” television, a laptop computer, and a sound system. The equipment is set up in the archives and meeting room of Denmark Public Library.

Charles Linden set up the hardware. Many thanks for the hours spent to set up the equipment!

Sound system

The first event for the public using the television, laptop and sound system is the book club movie and book discussion with The Color Purple by Alice Hoffman, a Denmark Public Library event.

Book Club Members Watching The Color Purple

Eugene C. Colby’s History of Denmark

In 1926 Eugene Colby visited his family in Denmark from his home in New York. He decided to write a brief history of Denmark.

Thank you to Alice Colby Hall for a copy of this document.

Follow this link to read Mr. Colby’s history.

Denmark – Necrology

Maureen Gregston *** *** **
Jens R. Hansen Sr. *** 1/7/2015 **
Joseph Guidi Sr. 6/2/1935 1/8/2015 **
Beverly H. Ramsden *** 1/12/2015 81
Roger Eastman *** 1/13/2015 **
Doris M. Osgood 8/28/1928 1/15/2015 **
Margaret A. Pelton 1/10/2018 2/1/2015 97
Trafton ‘Skip’ Westleigh 9/14/1945 2/7/2015 **
Virginia M. Webber *** 2/9/2015 91
Jeannette E. Tardiff 4/3/1922 2/13/2015 **
Marion Jean Fissel 11/8/1932 3/19/2015 82
Marie E. Donato 2/18/1921 3/22/2015 **
Phyllis R. Forman 1/31/1926 4/7/2015 **
Marvis Grace Batchelder 2/20/1924 4/7/2015 91
Sylvia A. Eaton 10/3/1947 5/1/2015 67
Nancy Masterton 11/28/1930 5/17/2015 **
Pamela J. Allen *** 5/18/2015 65
Augustus ‘Gus’ T. Espeaignette 9/3/1954 5/26/2015 **
Mary Kathy Sanborn *** 6/2/2015 79
Stasia Renski Stearns 7/14/1910 6/14/2015 **
Bradford Lanoue *** 6/30/2015 **
Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ McDermith 9/19/1934 8/6/2015 **
Arleene M. Keresztessy *** 8/18/2015 77
Elsie M. Mowatt 11/18/1922 9/15/2015 **
Mary Ray *** 9/24/2015 **
Robert Waldo Linnell 7/31/1925 10/8/2015 **
Ida M. McLeod 9/7/1925 10/10/2015 90
Percy W. Lord 7/7/1927 11/21/2015 88
Ruth Norma P. Linnell 11/11/1928 11/29/2015 **
Florence K. Doe 9/23/1922 12/1/2015 **
Eleanor A. Young 4/15/1929 12/7/2015 **
Basil C. Tasker Jr. 11/22/1930 12/7/2015 **
Robert P. Doyle *** 12/10/2015 73
Richard Thomas 1934 1/9/2016 81
Amy Smith Roesch *** 1/13/2016 **
Ellen Greene Pecoraro 9/1/1938 1/19/2016 77
Roland F. Brine *** 2/7/2016 90
June Morton Bryant Ficker 6/9/1924 2/5/2016 91
Elna E. McAlister Hale 6/7/1938 2/17/2016 77
Helen Kimball Ward 12/4/1928 2/28/2016 87
Christopher Gregston *** *** **
Geraldine ‘Geri’ Ingalls True Halkett 11/26/1928 3/12/2016 87
Shirley J. Downing 6/9/1933 3/26/2016 82
Edwin Smith 9/12/1958 3/31/2016 57
John ‘Jack’ Bempkins 8/5/1924 3/31/2016 91
Thomas Pingree 4/20/1950 4/1/2016 65
Raymond Francis Dunn 6/14/1927 4/20/2016 88
Glen True Eldridge 3/25/1927 7/14/2016 83
William L. ‘Billy’ Libby 1/24/1959 7/30/2016 56
Charles L. ‘Charlie’ McLeod 3/11/1924 8/24/2016 92
Keith R. Broad 3/1/1966 9/5/2016 50
Sandra ‘Sandi’ Halkett 12/22/1953 9/12/2016 62
Bruno R. Bertelli *** 10/1/2016 98
Curtis Lane 10/1/1963 10/3/2016 53
Ora Keller Brine 8/20/1926 10/10/2016 90
Donald Monson 2/3/1928 10/15/2016 88
John W. McConkey 11/18/1947 10/15/2016 68
Derrick A. Riley *** 11/4/2016 **
Clifford W. Libby, Sr. *** 11/29/2016 **
Mary Trumbull Harmon 8/21/1921 12/10/2016 95
Gerald E. ‘Jerry’ Burnell, Jr. 8/30/1937 12/17/2016 79
W. P. Lance Luedeke 7/28/1934 12/24/2016 82
Rodney A. MacDonald *** 12/30/2016 **
Michael B. ‘Cobby’ Cobb 12/10/1956 2/1/2017 60
Gaynor D. ‘Webby’ Webb 7/28/1934 2/19/2017 82
Laurie J. McInnis 2/5/1953 2/21/2017 64
Bonnie C. Axtman 10/13/1942 3/9/2017 74
Alice A. Leavitt *** 3/9/2017 **
Edvieanna Bartlett 8/23/1950 3/14/2017 66
Sandra Gail True 5/30/1935 3/14/2017 81
Glenna Billings Adams 11/10/1927 3/18/2017 89
Joanne R. Sargent 12/8/1927 3/18/2017 89
Lenorma B. Mitchell Shorette 2/20/1931 3/20/2017 86
Faye L. Smith Jaeger 12/11/1944 3/27/2017 72
Richard M. Alves *** 5/4/2017 **
Leah Woodman Larochelle *** 5/22/2017 93
Charles L. LeBaron ** 5/22/2017 **
Catherine Donoghue 11/3/1935 6/7/2017 81
Robert D. Weishapl 10/21/1957 6/8/2017 59
Ronald L. Meeker *** 6/22/2017 **
Mark W. Allen 12/23/2017 6/23/2017 57
Richard Francis Williams 11/19/1932 8/18/2017 84
Melissa Louise Altvater *** 9/14/2017 **
Richard Allen Norden 1/2/1942 9/15/2017 68
Dale John McBurnie *** 9/17/2017 **
Elaine Morton Davison 4/27/1921 9/19/2017 96
Joanna Betsey Bullard Hills 4/27/1921 10/4/2017 84
Irvin Cohen, Jr. *** 10/31/2017 87
Frederick John Laracy *** 11/4/2017 57
Lilliam B. Lee Morse *** 11/5/2017 89
William ‘Bill’ Boyd 11/22/1937 11/10/2017 79
Richard Eugene Clemons 1930 11/11/2017 87
Conrad ‘Sonny’ George Primus III 10/6/1942 11/15/2017 75
Charles ‘Chuck’ Joseph Harding 6/21/1946 12/28/2017 71
John C. Hurley 11/20/1932 1/12/2018 85
Carol O’Brien *** 1/16/2018 **
Paula Smith 11/9/1952 2/7/2018 65
Margaret A. Edwards 12/16/1923 3/5/2018 94
Robert Lloyd Hunt 8/11/1930 3/7/2018 87
Carol Anne Harding Coffin 4/21/1949 3/21/2018 68
Madeline Parker-Russo *** 4/13/2018 **
Flora Mae Bronn Richardson 11/1/1938 4/26/2018 80
June A. Bachelder Blais 6/13/1937 6/4/2018 80
Michael Ryan Vigeant 2/17/1994 9/19/2018 24
John A. ‘Jack’ Schrader 11/28/1930 9/21/2018 88
Wanda Jo Baumer 6/4/1937 10/2/2018 81
Dorothy Brooks Clark 2/21/1928 10/7/2018 90
William ‘Bill’ True 5/13/1934 10/24/2018 ***
Sharon A. (Berry) Beaulieu 5/29/1953 11/2/2018 65
Nelson Gouterman *** 11/5/2018 ***

Municipal Boards & Committees

Have you been a member of a committee or board of the town over the years? You have finished your term of service.

What do you do with all the documents?

Well, if you have not disposed of them, please consider donating documents, manuals, etc. to the Historical Society.

Selectman, planning board, board of appeals, comprehensive plan committee, budget committee, are some examples of committees.

Please email, if you’d like to donate to the historical society.