Ora Keller Brine’s Gift To The People Of Denmark

Sunday, July 27th the dedication ceremony of Ora Keller Brine’s Millstone gifted to the people of Denmark was held at Bicentennial Park.

Jeffrey and Barbara Hollis and Fritz Von Ulmer and Brian Grennan celebrated with Denmark’s townspeople and Ora’s Wyonegonic family at the millstone’s new home. After the ceremony celebrants enjoyed refreshments at Centennial Hall.

The millstone that was located in front of Ora’s home on West Main Street – across from Denmark Arts Center – is now located in Bicentennial Park, across the street from Centennial Hall.

Last autumn Fritz Von Ulmer and Brian Grennan approached Jeffrey & Barbara Hollis to ask if Ora would be interested in donating the millstone to the townspeople of Denmark.

At town meeting it was voted to accept ownership of the millstone.

Denmark Historical Society, along with financial assistance from Terry & Carol Rhoads and Fritz & Brian and others, paid for the removal of the stone from Ora’s home and the move to its new home in Bicentennial Park.

We know that the millstone resided for many years in the Keller’s backyard. In 1979 Ora had the stone moved to the front of her home. It is one of a matched pair of stones. The other stone of the pair set flat on the ground for many years in front of the Nell Berry home. The home’s new owner, Linda Softley, sold the stone and it was removed from Denmark.

Where did the pair of stones come from?

A very good question!

Ora is now unable to relay to us the history of the two stones. We do know that the pair of millstones were used in one of the 2 mills located on Moose Pond.

Do you know which mill the stones were located?

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