In Memoriam

PASSAGES: We say goodby to Denmark family, friends and neighbors who passed away in 2018.

John C. Hurley11/20/19321/12/201885
Paula Smith***2/7/201865
Margaret A. Edwards12/16/19233/5/201894
Robert Hunt8/11/19303/7/201887
Carol Anne Harding Coffin4/21/19493/21/201868
Flora Mae Bronn Richardson11/1/19384/26/201880
Michael Ryan Vigeant2/17/19949/19/201824
John A. ‘Jack’ Schrader11/28/19309/21/201888
Wanda Jo Baumer6/4/193710/2/201881
Dorothy Brooks Clark2/21/192810/7/201890
William ‘Bill’ True5/13/193410/24/2018***
Nelson Gouterman***11/5/2018***

Please message the historical society if a name has been missed. We try to keep a complete list, sometimes life happens and we unintentionally miss a person.

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