Evans/Colby/Kimball Genealogy

James S. Evans wrote:

Sally Williams of the Hiram society has given me your name as curator for the Denmark Historical Society.
My sister and I are the current co-owners of family heritage property in West Bridgton. We already have a huge lot more information about various branches of the family than most folks have, but I’m sure you appreciate a preference for written clues to substantiate family lore or one’s own speculations.
I think we have our Colby connections in pretty complete shape from copies of an extensive family history and supplementary notes from a cousin, Alice Colby-Hall, retired professor of French at Cornell University.
We would have greater interest in our Kimballs (Nathaniel, son of John) and in our namesake Josiah Evans originally from Fryeburg through the David branch as opposed to the more prolific John branch, David and John being owners of two of the “seven lots” when Fryeburg began.

Information from cemetery citations the historical society was able to provide Mr. Evans:

Colby Cemery
Evans Edwin d. Nov 20, 1908
Evans Mary L. d. Oct 16, 1900
Evans Josiah C. d. Aug 21, 1888
Evans Sarah L. d. Oct 5, 1907 Trafton
Schoolhouse Cemetery
Evans Infant Daughter d. April 3, 1852