Denmark Historical Society Report to Town

The Historical Society held three events at Centennial Hall this past year.

In May, quilts, both from the Society’s collection and privately owned, were photographed and documented by  Maine Quilt Heritage.

In October storyteller Jo Radner performed “Burnt Into Memory”, her dramatic telling of the Brownfield Fire. Like all of Jo’s shows, this was very well attended, and following her performance members of the audience were invited to share their recollections and family stories of the fire. This event was graciously sponsored by Ace Insurance. Thank you, Heidi Blake.

On a Sunday afternoon in December we hosted a Christmas open house at the Hall, featuring artifacts found by Kitty Walsh in her explorations of local historical sites. Her skilled use of a metal detector has resulted in an intriguing collection of items. Also on display were selected pieces from the collections of the Society and Centennial Hall, including a vintage sleigh once owned by the Lord family and ice harvesting tools donated by Harold Bucknell. Delicious cookies and treats were provided by JoAnne Harbourt.

This year the Society formed a cemetery committee, which is continuing the documentation of our cemeteries. Working with the town crew, the committee also hopes to repair and restore markers, as needed.

Great progress has been made this year in our ongoing project to digitize our archives. At this point we are approximately 2/3rds through the project. Once complete, much of this material will be accessible online, without the potential of damaging the originals.

A number of items were added to our collection and archives this year. A unique journal written by Dr. Joseph B. Gray, who practiced in Denmark in the 1860s, was donated by the Fatica family. It promises to provide insight into the medical practices of that day.

A rare membership certificate to the Knights of the Maccabees, dating from 1903, was donated, along with tintype photographs of Ingalls children.

The Society participated in the recent auction of the Pratt/Sanborn estate. Numerous items of significance to Denmark were purchased, including a cradle with infant’s quilt, documents, photos, and albums. These were purchased through our acquisition fund, with the assistance of the Fatica family. Thank you.

Our Curator, Lee Ann Shand, hosts the Society’s Facebook page, Denmark Memories, an ongoing discussion of all things Denmark, both past and present. Lee is webmaster of , where you will find an abundance of interesting historical material, including genealogical material and historic films, as well as an active blog. Lee also runs an ongoing workshop that catalogs our archives. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact her through our website.

Many thanks to our members, as well as our sponsors, who make all of our activities possible:

                                       Ace Insurance Agency        Jennifer Bartlett Photography         MacDonald Motors                 Mega Industries                Dianne Lewis Designs         John Khiel III Logging      Maine Virtual Home Tours    smallboat shop   

 RH LeGoff Excavation Co.                 Denmark Minuteman Press                 

Stacy’s Service Center     Granger Pond Camping Area                   Wyonegonic Camps

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Respectfully submitted,

Terry Rhoads, Lee Ann Shand, Dan Eaton, Daryl Kennison, Pat Largey, Astrea Fatica, Clare McKeagney, Mari Hook, JoAnne Harbourt


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