Albert F. Trumbull

George Paul is researching Albert F. Trumbull (1870-1953), who is believed to have lived on a prosperous farm in the Denmark/Bridgton area.  He married Margaret Spottwood (1869-1944) and they had two children: Alberta (1894) and Charles F. (1897).

I would like to know Mr. Trumbull’s address in 1899/1900, and if the house is still standing.

The backstory is that this past winter I acquired an antique phonograph that was built in 1899.  This is a cylinder record machine, and at that time one of the selling points of cylinder players was that records could be made at home.  Among the 19 records that came with this machine was one announced as having been made by Albert Trumbull.  A search disclosed only one Albert Trumbull was living in Maine at the time (none in Vermont or New Hampshire – where this machine was found).  The machine I obtained was the most expensive phonograph of any type built at the time, and only a well-to-do person could have afforded it.  A phone call with Allen Trumbull in Fryeburg confirmed that this could be the man I’m looking for.

I’d very much appreciate any assistance in learning Mr. Trumbull’s address and whether or not the house still stands.

Denmark Historical Society responded:

 Albert F. Trumbull (1845-1912), son of Foster & Theodosia Trumbull lived in Denmark. If this is the person you are searching for I will be happy to provide further information. I believe the Albert Trumbull you are researching is from Bridgton, which is next door to Denmark. I do not have details about him. Will you please let us know the information you receive?
Bridgton Historical Society will assist you.
Trumbull family researcher Carol Morton discussed the Denmark Trumbull family further in this message:
Albert F. Trumbull 1845-1920 was a brother to Luther….I have a wonderful old photo of the Trumbulls in front of George and Minnie’s house, that was originally Foster and Theodotia Allen Trumbull’s home…..must have been a reunion, lots of Trumbulls in the picture, including Arlene my mother and Mary my aunt as little girls. He married Emma Witham had 5 children, I remember very well George and wife Minnie, whom we always called Aunt Minnie and Uncle George. Luther’s parents were born in New Hampshire.  I know there were Bridgton Trumbulls, have not explored them, but suspect a connection of course.