Denmark Historical Society announces a revolutionary plan for its archives. For several years volunteers have spent hours sorting and cataloging the collection. It’s time for the public to use the archive.
What do we do? We have the bold plan to digitize our collection of ledgers from businesses and the municipality, diaries, almanacs, records, photographs and postcards.
How do we move forward?
We teamed with the folks at Records Management Center to scan our collection to the highest standards available today.
With financial assistance from the Birch Cove Fund, Denmark Lions Club and donations from within the community we are moving forward with the digitizing process.
Why digitize?
Items from the collection will be made available to researchers, students, and genealogists. Organizations within the community will be able to locate their historical files from the digitized image collection.
Denmark Historical Society will create an archive without walls and schedules and geography, giving the ability to research, write, and publish Denmark’s history using the digital archive.
This is a huge, multi-year project in which we will be able to reach former Denmarkians and the world with our museum with no walls.
The gift to the community – lifetime.