Highland Street Foundation Gift To The Historical Society

Denmark Historical Society thanks Sean McGrath and the Highland Steet Foundation for its continued support.

2 Comments on “Highland Street Foundation Gift To The Historical Society

  1. My name is Herbert G. Strider and I was looking for the first Dutch exploration of North America. I was also interested in the Dutch Fur and Trade Company concerning slaves. I that the Dutch had slaves and freeman in North America. I would love to know when, where, how and why, please. There are some that say the first slave came to the colonies in 1601. I believe the Dutch were here first.

    • Hello Mr. Strider,
      You have posted a comment on website of the historical society for the town of Denmark, Maine. We are a rural community located in southwestern Maine. First settlers were in early 1800’s. We are not a Dutch community and have no connection to slave trade in the colonies.

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